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Atinuke Elizabeth Ayowole – Hope at 10

Occupation: Program Manager, Research and Teaching Assistant

I joined HOPE in 2017 as a CITY Camp volunteer after some previously failed attempts. I heard of HOPE from a friend and would often see pictures and posters online. I later went to check HOPE’s website for more information and then concluded that I wanted to devote a significant part of my time to volunteering on this mission.

I have served as an environmental rep, program lead (I think twice), panel moderator, and CITY instructor.

Volunteering is one undetachable aspect of my life but with HOPE, there is more meaning to it. HOPE has a great community and sense of family and that has had a huge effect on my life and a compounding influence on my values. It is not all the time you get to see teenagers you taught go out and continue to live like Christ and model excellence.

So, seeing former HOPE teens still being vibrant in faith and in purpose is highly encouraging of the work that we have done in HOPE. Additionally, the opportunity to offer value and use certain skills always serves as a bilateral learning opportunity for me. I learn, for example, from guest speakers or my fellow volunteers while I also hone my skill on the responsibility.