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Rotimi Okungbaye – Hope at 10

Occupation: Product Marketing Manager, Flutterwave

I joined HOPE in 2015 after my BSc Degree because I just wanted to volunteer. I was trying to avoid being idle all in the name of waiting for the mandatory NYSC program. My first major program was the CITY Summer Camp we had in 2015 at Chrisland College, Idimu. It was a great experience for me to meet fellow passionate volunteers, the teenagers (leaders) and also for me to see how life-changing the sessions were. I was on the media team, I primarily focused on photography because I already had an interest in it.

Volunteering as a photographer helped me grow in my career as a photographer, it opened my eyes to the importance of storytelling. Volunteering with HOPE has really helped me understand the development space to an extent and also, it has helped me see how valuable our classes are to the development of the next generation.

If we are going to have good leaders in our country, we can’t & should never underestimate the importance of catching and positively influencing them as early as possible.