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C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership Camp

C.I.T.Y. Summer Leadership School is an intensive 10 day training program designed to create an environment where leadership and life building values can be instilled into teenagers in a creative, impactful and fun-filled way.

It is an annual camp scheduled conveniently during the summer holiday, as a way to culminate the C.I.T.Y programs that ran across different schools in the present academic session.

The primary objective of the summer program is to develop the leadership potential in teenagers by training/ mentoring them on the principles and values that would help them excel in life. It offers a fun and safe environment where campers can learn new things, discover themselves, and imbibe the culture of leadership.

What We Do At Camp

Training Presentations

This includes classroom trainings and general discussions on various leadership and personal development themed topics. The delivery of each training is based on our proven approach and methodology. We strive to ensure absolute participation from every participant while encouraging teamwork through our 21st century designed learning methods.

In the past 8 years, we have gotten feedback from participants which shows that the classroom activities were the most enjoyed activity of the summer program.

Team-based Projects/Activities

Participants are split into various squads during the camp. These smaller units serve as a basis for competitions and other camp activities. One of such competition is the Business Case Challenge; a practical problem-solving exercise where teenagers learn to approach problems with a creative mindset, collaborating within their teams to come up with solutions and effectively communicate these solutions to an audience.

Another is the ‘Speak for Change’ contest, which teaches the participants to explore and gain insights on an assigned topic and work together in their teams to come up with an empowering speech on it.

Special Expository Programs

This includes our workshops, career fairs and special panel sessions with guest speakers. The workshops are based on participants’ areas of interest and range from bead making, photography, sign language, tie and dye, painting, public speaking amongst others. The goal is for the teenagers to be engaged in practical sessions to help build their talents or abilities in a craft of their choice. Our career symposiums feature professionals and organizations from various fields.

They share their day-to-day experiences with the participants in other to help them in their career choices. We select thought leaders in various fields to share their journeys as professionals in their careers as well as lessons learned along the way.