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C.I.T.Y Action Project

Change Agents

The C.I.T.Y Leadership summer camp experience culminates in the C.I.T.Y ACTION PROJECT. We don’t stop at just trainings, we empower our participants to be agents of change in their homes, schools and communities. At the end of every camp/summer program, participants are encouraged to carry out a social project called C.I.T.Y. Action Project (CAP), either as individuals or as a team, that will have a direct impact on their community.

C.I.T.Y. Action Project is the platform for teenagers to proffer practicable solutions to problems in their communities and take an active role in nation building. CAP offers an outlet for the teenagers to put into practice all they have learnt during the 10-day Camp period. By engaging in CAP, they begin to see their role in community development, providing practical solutions to everyday problems where they are and with what they have.


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Relief Projects

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Community Development